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Back Pain and Chiropractic – Interesting Facts

For back pain of mechanical origin, research over the past has consistently shown chiropractic spinal manipulation, without the use of drugs and surgery to be twice as effective as medicine and physiotherapy.


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Research shows that for back pain of mechanical origin, chiropractic care is more effective than any other forms of treatment. In Victoria (Aust), a study compared chiropractic and medical management on 4,710 Workers’ compensation cases for mechanical lower back pain during 1990-’91.

Ebrall’s study concluded that chiropractic management was less than half the cost and resulted in only half the number of days and workers off work.  Of major significance was the finding that the progression of the injury to a “chronic” state (requiring greater than 90 days off work) was six times lower for chiropractic patients.  A similar study in Utah U.S.A (1991) on 3062 cases, showed chiropractic management to be ten time cheaper for the compensation costs, employees requiring on tenth the number of days off work, compared to medical management.

A two year hospital based study b the British Medical Research Council showed chiropractic to be more effective than physiotherapy and medical treatment for lower back pain of mechanical origin.

In Canada another hospital based study showed 87% of patients disabled by pain for an average of eight years returned to full function with no restrictions for work or other activities when under chiropractic management. Improvement was maintained on re-assessment after twelve months.

Findings from other studies show that chiropractic management of spine related disorders is by far the most effective form of treatment in terms of recovery time, time off work and cost.

(If you would like more details about any of these studies, please contact our clinic and we will be happy to give you references to follow up.)

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