Chiropractic management of infants with colic has been shown up to 94% effective. Spinal examination by a qualified chiropractor should be part of all post natal care.

Chiropractic Effectiveness

Baby colic treatment NewcastleA study in Denmark (1989) carried out by a medical practitioner and chiropractor reported that 94% of cases of colic a successful result was obtained following a 2 weeks treatment period. The study involved a population of 316 infants with an average age of 5.7 weeks, suffering moderate to severe colic.  This group on average showed persistent crying for 5.2 hours/ day. Of those treated 51% had had prior unsuccessful treatments (83% of which involved drugs).

This research confirms the results of other studies and observations of chiropractic methods by members of both chiropractic and medical professions.

What is colic?

In infants the term “colic” refers to acute attacks of persistent crying, apparent abdominal pain, and irritability. At least 30% of infants in Western countries suffer Colic, and the number is increasing.

Colic generally begins within the first four weeks after birth, and may persist up to three months of age, or even longer. The persistent crying by the infant for hours on end is destructive to both infant and family and is a cause of parental violence to infants.

The chiropractic approach

Chiropractors consider that infantile colic may be associated with poor spinal function, arising from physical stresses to the infant’s body during birth, or inappropriate handling of the infant during the early weeks of life. Modern obstetric practices,  such as birthing of babies with their mother lying on her side back, the use of forceps, suction, induction and epidurals may subject the infant to significant trauma. Such stresses may cause subluxation (i.e. Fixation and partial misalignment) of spinal joints in the infant, upsetting the nerves controlling the gastrointestinal system. Poor control leads to poor function, often resulting in pain and colic.

Correction of spinals stress and relief of nerve interference may explain the positive effect chiropractors have on infantile colic. The problem may be located in the neck, mid or lower back. In addition, chiropractors consider that spasm of the diaphragm may reduce the effectiveness of the valve controlling the movement of food into the stomach, resulting in gastric reflux.

Chiropractors recognise the important of maintaining a health a healthy spine for optimal bodily function and the prevention of disease. Colic is just one of many problems in infants that may arise from a malfunctioning spine.


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