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Person receiving a Deep Tissue Massage at Chiropractic Plus in New Lambton, NewcastleDeep-Tissue Massage concentrates on deeper and often more long-term, chronic problems of the soft tissue, such as static and postural muscles. The treatment is generally deeper (firmer), and can at is usually performed at a slower pace and sometimes involves static pressure on locked up or spasmed muscles. After Deep-Tissue massage, patients generally experience longer lasting relief from the pain and discomfort associated with chronic, tight or imbalanced muscles.

Deep Tissue massage patient enjoying massage smilingSome typical conditions that may be successfully addressed include limited mobility, osteoarthritis, long-term chronic pain, fibromyalgia, postural problems and muscular adhesions. Deep-Tissue massage is used to address a variety of illnesses including chronic pain, repetitive strain injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoarthritic pain, and fibromyalgia (chronic overall muscle pain and weakness).

It is also used as part of the rehabilitation phase of recovery after physical trauma, such as falls and whiplash. Our therapists regularly assist in recovery after major joint replacement surgery and reconstructive surgery.

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