Professional Applied Kinesiology

When it comes to restoring health and good function, the big question is – what are your individual needs? The second question is, what are the fastest and most appropriate ways to address those needs?

Perhaps you feel like your health issues are complex. Maybe you have seen multiple practitioners over the years, with less than optimal results. If any of this applies to you, you will likely benefit from the all encompassing approach of applied kinesiology. At Chiropractic Plus, we offer Applied Kinesiology™ (AK) as an integrative system to encompass physical, biochemical-nutritional, and emotional aspects of your health. These three elements are called the Triad of Health. AK will help get you back on track.

AK is a unique Chiropractic methodology that works with more than just the spine.

Corrections and adjustments often address imbalances in muscle weakness patterns. They also address issues with the lymphatic system, the Chinese Meridian system (with acupressure points), misalignments in the bones of the skull, emotional stressors and more. Applied Kinesiology is a gentle and fun system. AK is safe and appropriate for all ages.

How Does Applied Kinesiology Work?

Applied Kinesiology is a Chiropractic system that is based on the scientific principle that all functions in the body are powered and coordinated through the Nervous System. The Nervous System is protected and housed by your cranium and spine. Chiropractors that perform AK still diagnose and adjust subluxations (misalignments) in the spine, but also routinely check many other systems and elements involved in your health condition. Whether it’s a physical, nutritional-biochemical, or mentional emotional stressors. AK can help better your quality of life.

In addition to the use of a thorough consultation and exam, AK practitioners utilize what we call manual muscle testing. Manual muscle testing, along with functional interpretations of pathology labs to get to the heart of the issue and address its cause.

Manual Muscle Testing is a fun and real-time biofeedback approach to challenge your weakness patterns against specific correction options. This can also uncover hidden imbalances that are often at the core of the issue. Your needs and corrections are addressed immediately during each consultation, and often involve a step wise program as part of the healing process.

When Did AK First Begin?

AK™ was developed by Dr. George Goodheart, DC. in the 1960s. AK was introduced as a diagnostic and therapeutic system that that applies Chiropractic through principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This combined with nutrition, biochemistry, and more. The scientific process of manual muscle testing and related reflexes is used to assess the workings of the nervous system. In conjunction with traditional diagnostic methods such as x-ray and pathology labs. AK™ provides practitioners with real time bio-feedback to identify where a problem exists and then incorporate a variety of strategies to help address it.

Our Chiropractor Dr. Dov Pine is trained and certified as a Professional Applied Kinesiologist. Dr. Pine attended the International College of Applied Kinesiology in the United States in 2011. Applied Kinesiology has formed a central and effective aspect of his current patient care.