How Chiropractic Care Affects the Immune System

December 18, 2015 1:14 am

Although it is already common knowledge that chiropractic therapy helps the musculoskeletal and nervous systems, you may not yet be aware that chiropractic can also boost the immune system considerably.

Researchers at New York University recently found that those people under regular chiropractic care for more than five years demonstrated 200% greater immune function compared to that those who did not have regular therapy.

Though the mechanisms to this were still unknown, one of the greatest factors that can be used to explain this phenomenon in the immune system is that chiropractic care can relieve stress.

Stress, as we know, has a negative impact on almost all systems within the body.  Stress can tense up the muscular system, making you feel tired and achy. Stress also activates the central nervous system, resulting to depression, insomnia, and substance abuse. Stress can also overwork the cardiovascular system and increase your blood pressure.  

The immune system, in particular, is directly affected by stress.  Over time, when a person is weighed down with too much stress, the immune system will be compromised by cortisol, a steroid stress hormone from the adrenal glands, thus blocking histamine and inflammatory response to foreign bodies.   People who carry too much stress are more susceptible to viral illnesses, diseases, and infections.

The immune system goes haywire because of stress. So basically, by relieving stress we can increase the immune system so that it can function properly.

When chiropractic adjustments help regulate the autonomic nervous system, including the brain, spinal cord, and nerves, this controls pretty much everything. The nervous system communicates with the immune tissue to modulate chemical reactions that keep you in good physical shape. This may include lowering blood pressure, relieving anxiety, and reducing inflammatory cytokines and pain.

Another very interesting study found out that there was a 48% increase in CD4 cells in HIV patients who received chiropractic care over a six-month period, compared to an 8% decrease in the patients who did not have chiropractic care over the same period of time. CD4 cells are important immunoglobulins that play a critical role in HIV and AIDS. Similarly, an enhancement in white blood cells has been measured with chiropractic care.

We have yet to connect all the dots in the middle but the future looks promising.  Chiropractic adjustments do not treat these conditions directly, but it addresses the spinal dysfunctions which results in a cascade of reactions that allow your body to do what it does best.  

It would be too boastful to claim that chiropractic care can cure all that ails you, but a little boost in your immune function is a welcome side effect to an already healthy habit.

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