Neck Pain and Chiropractic

A common problem shared amongst most people, neck pain arises from a multitude of factors. Whatever the cause, the neck pain is always a reflection of the structural balance in your cervical spine, and the way its nerve roots affect muscular tension and circulation.

Often neck issues come from motor vehicle accidents, both major and minor, involving whiplash. Likewise, sporting injuries are responsible for damage to the cervical spine affecting the joints, nerves, muscles, tendons and ligaments. It is important to consider how our lifestyle choices can impact our neck, and how susceptible it is to injury. Neck pain often at the top of the list of our patients’ health concerns when they seek out Chiropractic care and remedial massage.

The interesting thing about neck pain is that you don’t actually need to have been in an accident in order to develop neck problems. Often it’s the small things we do every day and the way we use our body that cause an accumulation of negative stresses. Posture, is the best word to describe exactly that. Our repetitive body positioning causes misalignments in the cervical spine vertebrae and structural issues that precede most acute and chronic neck problems.


Posture is one of the most common causes of neck imbalances and dysfunctions.  Postural issues are prevalent in today’s working world, with a sedentary lifestyle reigning supreme at offices everywhere. Sitting at our desks, glancing at our mobile phones and not engaging in enough exercise can all greatly increase your potential are all micro-traumas that accumulate and damage the cervical spine.  Correcting the postural imbalances is a major focus at Chiropractic Plus and crucial for bringing longevity to your care and long term results.

The chiropractors at Chiropractic Plus are trained to determine the cause of your neck pain.  We can point to any related issues, address the pain and correct the cause. The first big question we consider is what other symptoms may become contributing factors as well? Perhaps there was a local injury this could be a recent injury or one from a long time ago. Maybe your posture has affected the natural curve in your neck and your ear no longer matches the center over your shoulders as you are seen from side. Sometimes a jaw, midback, pelvic or even knee problem has led to a cascade of compensations in your body that cause undue stresses in your neck.

Associated symptoms

Associated symptoms with cervical spine problems include headaches, tension in the jaw and teeth grinding, dysfunction and soreness in the shoulders, radiating pain or pins and needles into the arms or fingers. Sleep aponea is a major concern seen with long term postural imbalances in the neck. If there is numbness in the hands, or if you wake in the night with hand numbness, this could be a sign that there are significant structural changes in your neck that cause nerve problems. Tension or Cervicogenic headaches account for 90% of all recorded headaches, and are due to misalignments in the cervical spine from injuries, poor body mechanics, poor posture, and other factors.

How we can help

Chiropractic Plus is passionate about improving the way you feel and function.  We are here to  address your Chiropractic and massage needs. We find a holistic neuro-musculoskeletal approach to be effective for the majority of our patients that present with neck and other spinal issues. Your first step in getting better begins with an initial consultation in which your Chiropractor reviews your health history and then performs a series of neurological, postural, orthopedic and spinal exams. Knowing that alignment and curves in your spine influence the way your brain communicates through the nerves for every function in the body- we emphasize the importance of a thorough spinal exam and x-rays. Then an individualized care plan is crafted according to your individual needs and immediate and long term health goals. Your Chiropractor will also review various lifestyle strategies, exercises, rehabilitation and nutrition for you to reinforce your Chiropractic corrections in achieving optimal long term results. We are here to help you get right.