Repetitive Strain Injury

A repetitive strain injury, or an RSI is a condition where prolonged performance or reposition activities cause pain or impairment of the functions in the tendons, bones, or muscles. This is most commonly found in the hands, shoulders, wrists, hips, or elbows.

Often caused by poor joint positioning, or spinal misalignment, an RSI can be acute or chronic. Repetitive strain injuries are very common. An RSI can materialise in anything from carpal tunnel to tennis elbow. An RSI can also be as small as the pain you may feeling in your legs after a session at the gym. Repetitive body positioning causes misalignments in the spine and structural issues, which can result in these types of injuries. Your chiropractor will assess your injury and help improve long term function of the injured area.

Symptoms of a repetitive strain injury include tenderness, stiffness, and tingling in the affected area.

You may feel pain or pressure as well. There are 3 tissues or areas of the body that are the most likely to be affected by an RSI:

  1. Bones – Most often the irritation in bones is caused by poor running techniques, or stress fractures
  2. Tendons – Tendons link the muscles and the bones together. Tendons are not provided with as much blood and nerve supply as bones and muscles, therefore are more likely to strain. Often an RSI in the tendons will take longer to heal
  3. Muscles – Most common RSI in the muscles are acute. Often times muscular RSI is caused by gym injuries or physical activity. If you are someone who does manual labour for work, you are more susceptible to muscular RSI. An example of a muscular RSI, is the pain you feel in your hips/legs after doing 100 squats at the gym

An RSI can certainly appear as a result of poor posture. For example, an RSI in the shoulders is very most common. You may experience tightness in and across the shoulders. While you feel strain in your shoulders, the source of the injury may be in the spine.

How we can help

At Chiropractic Plus, we are passionate about improving the way you feel and function. An RSI treatment is done by working out the site of the pain and determining where the actual injury is. We will perform an initial consultation and examination, and help you better understand your symptoms and causes. It is very common for problems in one part of the body to be related to a problem in another part of the body. These types of injuries can be related to spinal misalignment. Your chiropractor will be able to review your lifestyle and offer exercises, rehabilitation, and nutrition. For an RSI, it is especially important to do stretches, home care treatments, and exercise to maintain your treatment and prevent future strain.