Scoliosis is a disorder in which there is a sideways curve to the spine. This is directly related to spinal misalignment, as the spine should be straight. Scoliosis causes the curve in the spine to take on an “s” or “c “shape.

Often times, this is a product of genetics and/or environmental factors. There are a number of causes that will lead to scoliosis. Most tend to be idiopathic, or of spontaneous nature. Scoliosis has been attributed to congenital spine deformities (cerebral palsy, Spina bifida, etc) and neuromuscular issues. The curvature will put stress and strain on the joints and muscles that balance out the spine. This can potentially increase the degeneration of the spine.

In some cases, there are no obvious symptoms of Scoliosis.

Certain symptoms will become persistent when conditions of Scoliosis are present. The most common include: irritation of nerves and tension on the muscles. Scoliosis can also be associated with headaches, neck pain, back pain, and hip, knee, or leg pain. Radicular, or nerve pain is also common for people with scoliosis. Severe side effects create potential for compressing of the lungs or chest cavity organs. Pain is often a warning sign saying “stop, pay attention, and do something different”!! If you are feeling pain or discomfort due to Scoliosis, it is very likely related directly to spinal misalignment.

How we can help

Chiropractic Plus offers a innovative approach to wellness. A chiropractor is able to naturally address the causes of Scoliosis and its symptoms. By first understanding your symptoms and their causes, we can more appropriately educate you regarding the clinical condition of Scoliosis. Understand that all symptoms within the body are related to each other, and that Scoliosis may be related to other conditions including spinal misalignment. The more pain or the longer you have been experiencing these symptoms, the more involved the level of care you will need to seek. We will start with an initial consultation and examination. From there your chiropractor can tailor a treatment plan based on your individual needs. Your chiropractor can review your lifestyle, and offer strategies, exercises, rehabilitation, and nutrition to help reinforce chiropractic corrections. Our goal is to help achieve a healthy lifestyle and positive well being for those struggling with Scoliosis.