Pain is a warning sign saying “stop, pay attention, and do something different.” When the signals in the brain interpret and communicate pain or discomfort it is actually a blessing in disguise. This is a message that you need to see your Chiropractor! Your chiropractor can assess your spine and nervous system and improve function.

At Chiropractic Plus, we focus on naturally addressing the common causes of pain by emphasizing correct and healthy function. The first step forward is to determine the cause of your discomfort. There are different types of pain, and knowing the symptoms will allow us to guide the most appropriate therapies towards the relief you seek, in the process of establishing a more optimal expression of health.

There are two basic types of pain: acute and chronic.

Acute pain is referred to as the body’s normal response to physical injuries or damage. An example of this would be a cut, infection or a sprained ankle. Acute pain comes on fast and will often go away within a few days to 3 weeks for most issues depending on proper treatment. Acute pain often becomes chronic pain if left untreated or not treated properly.

Chronic pain is referred to as long term pain, or any pain lasting longer than a 1-2 month period depending on the issue. An simple example would be headaches lasting more than two weeks or a sore ankle after a sprain taking longer than 2-3 weeks to settle. These are issues that require process assessment and corrections. Back pain that has lasted longer than 3 months, for example, is chronic and indicates both soft tissue, nerve and skeletal damage.

Chronic pain will appear as a direct result of local past injury or as a compensation for injury or imbalance elsewhere in the body. The most effective approach for long term relief is to address and correct the source of the problem, NOT to mask the symptoms with medications. Your chiropractor can help you distinguish what kind of pain you are feeling, and professionally relate it back to its source.

Muscular & nerve pain

It is also important to be able to identify the difference between muscular and nerve pain. The most common causes of muscular pain are tension, overuse, stress and injuries. This is often the result of misalignments in the spine and extremities that lead to mechanical imbalances in how you use your muscles. When imbalances persist over time there is high susceptibility to injury and tissue damage. Systemic muscular pain is often an indication of high stress levels in the body and sometimes due to chronic infection.

Nerve pain can feel like a burning, intense or even dull pain that is hard to locate; it can often present or radiate throughout the whole arm or leg. Sometimes it presents as weakness in muscles or the inability to get comfortable. Nerve pain can be intensely sharp and shooting pain with movement, usually down and arm or leg or close to the spine. Nerve pain is the often the long term outcome of imbalances in the spine and muscles and indicates local damage in the delicate nervous system. When nerve damage has been present for longer it leads to tingling or numbness and takes a lot longer to heal.

How we can help

Chiropractic Plus offers a novel approach to problem solving when it comes to pain and symptoms. By first understanding your symptoms and their causes we can more appropriately educate you about the clinical causes. We start with an initial consultation and examination and then tailor a care plan based on your individual needs to address your immediate and long term health goals. Generally speaking, the longer you have been experiencing the issue the more involved the level of care in order to facilitate healing and restored function. Your Chiropractor will also review various lifestyle strategies, exercises, rehabilitation and nutrition for you to reinforce your Chiropractic corrections. Our goals are to help you achieve a healthy and optimal expression of life, not just to live without pain.