Spinal Care for Children

Stress to the human framework and nervous system begins from the day we are born. However, all too often the need for spinal care for infants and children goes unrecognised.

Falls from prams and high chairs, tumbles down steps, constant bumps to the head and bottom whilst learning to walk, fall out of tress and trampolines, sporting and car accidents all contribute to accumulated stress on the framework of a child’s body. Such stresses may upset the normal mechanics of the child’s body, contributing to damage and imbalance of spinal and other joints, ligaments and muscles. This in turn upsets nerve pathways. Your nervous system controls the way your body works. Chiropractors believe that health depends, to a large degree on a healthy nervous system.

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We all know that the childhood years are crucial to our overall development, and if problems are not resolved then we often carry them through life. Many of the problems we see in adults have had their origins way back in childhood.

Healthy Children

Our practice is a family based practice. Our Chiropractors have children themselves and believe that working with parents to restore and maintain the health and wellbeing of their children is one of the most important things they do. To discuss whether chiropractic can help your children, call our reception staff at New Lambton on (02) 4957 0207 or our Warners Bay clinic on (02) 4947 3661.

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