Looking For A Relaxing Massage Experience?

At Chiropractic Plus, our massage therapists are trained in many different styles of massage ranging from remedial massage where the therapist focus’ on injuries or problem areas – to relaxation massage, which is designed to reduce stress and tension within the body (and the mind).

Relaxation Massage is ideal for people who need a little help to unwind and de-stress. Stress can affect the body in many ways causing muscles to become tense and painful. A Relaxation Massage will assist clients to relax, rejuvenate and achieve mind-body balance. This type of massage treatment is designed to alleviate fatigue, calm the nervous system, improve circulation and facilitate deep relaxation.

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You will walk out of one of our Relaxation Massages feeling as light as feather and walking on clouds.

Our therapists will work closely with you to design a treatment specific to your needs. Some people respond well to a light, sensual massage – others enjoy a slightly firmer touch to facilitate relaxation. Please feel comfortable letting your therapist know what feels good for you.

Relaxation massage can have many benefits.

  • Reduces stress
  • Ease tension
  • Slow the body’s tempo
  • Provides quiet time to unwind
  • Relaxes the mind as well as the muscles
  • Calming, resting and easing the spirit
  • Ease pain, aches and stiffness in the body

Everyone can benefit from a Relaxation Massage. Book yourself a treatment today!

Massage Team

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Pricing Options

Your massage treatment pricing guide

Remedial Massage Therapist

  • 30min $65
  • 1hr $100
  • 90min $149

Senior Remedial Massage Therapist

  • 30min $68
  • 1hr $104
  • 90min $153

Elite Remedial Massage Therapist

  • 30min $71
  • 1hr $110
  • 90min $163

All Therapist Levels are differentiated by looking at each therapists's qualifications, experience, Professional development undertaken and how many years they have been in the industry.

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